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We often get questions about bats and with new bat legislation being introduced in Little League, we have some frequently asked questions below.

Why would Little League change their bat rules?

Starting January 1, 2018, new bat legislation will go into action for not only Little League, but just about every youth baseball organization.  The rational behind the change is safety driven.  As technolgy has improved, we now have kids hitting baseballs farther and harder than ever.  You have a choice to alter the bats or expand the playing field and altering the bats is obviously much more efficient in addition to being safer as young kids playing on big fields can be tough on arms.

Is this just a Winston Salem National Little League rule?

No, it applies not only to WSNLL but all children playing Little League, Pony League, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth or Dixie baseball, so essentially all levels of youth baseball outside of one travel baseball organization.

This is all very confusing, how do I know what bat to buy?

The good news is that every youth baseball organization has adopted the USA Baseball Standards, so when you go to your sporting goods store, it should be clearly marked with the USA Baseball stamp as shown when you clicked on this link.  There is still a travel baseball organization using the old bat standards, so you may see the occasional illegal bat.  Look for the USA baseball standard and not the old BPF 1.15 sticker.

Can I really use a "Big Barrel" Bat

Yes! In legislation that will make your son or daughter very happy, "Big Barrel" bats are now legal.  By "Big Barrel" we mean bats that are 2 5/8" in diameter.  These bats have never been legal in Little League before.  The traditional Little League approved bat was 2 1/4" in diameter and will appear much smaller.

How do I know what size bat to buy?

It all depends on height and weight of your child.  If the bat is too long or heavy, bad habits can develop with the bat dragging, so pay attention to the chart.  See the attachment below

These bats are expensive, do I really need to buy the top line model?

As much as your son or daughter may want the $300 bat, there are options from $29.99 on up and all will allow a good swing to make contact!

Can I get more than a year worth of use out of the bat?

Many times, yes.  It depends on how fast your child is growing but make sure you don't buy too big of a bat initially.


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